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Littleton Youth Sports Volleyball participates in the Arapahoe Youth League (AYL). 

We offer Co-ed teams for 1st-8th grades. 

We are a developmental volleyball league stressing the fundamental volleyball skills, sportsmanship and fun. 

We strive to provide a true sports academy for athletes to learn to play and love the sport, and to develop coaches to make this goal possible.

Teams are organized by grade level. 

1st-8th grades

1st & 2nd graders are placed together on the same team. Players are allowed to play up one grade level but may not play down a grade level.  This is a coed program.  Volleyball matches consist of three games to 21 points while using a continuous running clock of 55 minutes.

Volleyball used by grade level:

  • 1st & 2nd graders:  Oversized Trainer
  • 3rd-6th Grades:  Volleylite
  • 7th & 8th Grades:  Any high school approved regulation volleyball

Court Size:

  • 30' x 60'

Net Height:

  • 5th Grade and Under: 6'6"
  • 6th Grade and Above:  7'4"

The Season:

Matches during the season will be played on Saturdays (and depending on the number of teams in the entire league, some games may be played on Friday nights) in March and April. Each team will play 8 regular season games. The entire season will last approximately 11 weeks.  The tournament is single elimination.

Teams for grades 5,6,7,8 will play in the Crossroads AYL Tournament early March  - this will allow for atleast 4 more games.

Game Location:

Game Locations for the 2019 season will be Colorado Volleyball Association - 13310 James E Casey Ave, Englewood, CO 80112


Practices will begin the wekk of Feb 11 February. During the season, each team can expect one (1) to two (2) practices per week.

Team Formation:

If you are new to the Littleton Youth Sports Volleyball program and have a desire to have your son or daughter placed on a team with a friend, or a particular coach please note this on your registration. Although we cannot guarantee placement, we will do our best to place kids with friends or schoolmates.


All players are required to wear their assigned complete uniform with the correct roster number on the uniform in order to play in an AYL match.  Uniforms are not included in the price of registration.

  • Uniforms consist of a jersey and shorts. 

  • Uniforms will be available for purchase towards the end of February through Denver Athletic.....more information to come!

  • Once registered, you will receive more information on when and where to purchase your players uniform.

  • Do not have your jersey number placed on the uniform until you confirm that number with your coach. 

  • Shorts with logos, writing or colored piping are not allowed. 
  • Knee pads are strongly encouraged to be worn at practices and games. 


Volleyball Fees:

Early Bird Registration Fee 12/1 - 12/31:

  • 1st & 2nd graders: $170.00
  • 3rd-8th graders:  $205.00

Regular Season Registration Fee 01/01 - 01/31:

  • 1st & 2nd graders: $180.00
  • 3rd-8th graders:  $215.00

Late Registration Fee 02/01 - Team Close:

  • 1st & 2nd graders: $200.00
  • 3rd-8th graders:  $235.00

Volunteer Opportunities:

Please consider volunteering as a coordinator, coach, assistant coach, or a team-parent.  The Littleton Youth Sports Volleyball program needs your help to continue providing quality youth programs for our community - please consider volunteering your time.  All coaches are required to register as a coach on the registration page and undergo a background check.

2019 Volleyball Calendar of Events:

  • December 1 – Volleyball registration will OPEN - Early Bird Discount applies
  • January 1 - Regular Season fees apply
  • February 1-8 -  Space Available registration *No guarantee of placement
  • February 1 - Roster placement
  • TBD - Mandatory AYL Rule Book Review for coaches with optional coaching clinic (attend one of two dates)
  • February 11 - Practices begin
  • March 2 - Start of Regular Season Games
  • Early March - Crossroads Tournament for Grades 5-8; Grades 5 and 6 in Division I and Grades 7 and 8 in Division II
  • TBD - BYE Weekend for all Teams
  • April 19 - 20 - Playoffs
  • April 27 - Championship